2018 Delmarva Soy Harvest Results and Planting Recommendations


We have only 25 days left in the year and soybean harvest is still taking place here on the Delmarva, and more so in Virginia and North Carolina. Locally we have completed our plot harvest but still have a few plots in the south to harvest. Delmarva performance was quite variable, with yields all over the place. Planting date, saturated soil, and diseases were the biggest factors contributing to overall lackluster yields. It has been a very difficult fall for harvest activities and I know everyone will be glad when they can bring the 2018 season to a close.

View the Harvest Results for our Delmarva Soybean Plots and Recommended Varieties for the Delmarva
AXIS 3818NRX had another outstanding year of performance. This late group-III variety has delivered consistent performance and packs a lot of yield into a short bushy plant type. 4417NRXS continues to grow in popularity in the early mid group-IV RM. This variety delivers consistent yield performance and is well-suited for early beans and double-crop. 4617NRXS is our top seller in mid group-IV’s. This variety is stacked with STS and offers excellent tolerance to Frogeye with excellent standability. 4817NRXS is a late group-IV, also stacked with STS, and offers good Frogeye and Phytophthora Root Rot protection. 5016NRXS is a 5.0 RM and is well adapted to the Delmarva. This variety has it all: Xtend, STS, Cyst, Root Knot, SDS and good Frogeye protection.

Our recommended list is intended to help you with selection and placement of varieties to match your soils and farming practices. For the best recommendations we encourage you to contact one of our Delmarva-based AXIS Dealer Agents to get the best advice for your area. If you are outside of Delmarva, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to connect you with your local dealer.

Check out all the AXIS plot data for the past 5 years:  AXIS Performance.

Soybean Seed Quality Industry Wide
The weather pattern we have experienced this fall has been less than conducive for seed quality. Midwest seed production is being challenged on germinations and overall seed quality. Most of our seed production is local here on the east coast, so we may have fared better than some companies that grow seed in the Midwest. We will know more on our overall seed quality and availability in about 30 days. The bottom line is there will be lots of supply issues industry-wide as we move into the winter and spring of 2019.

New Technologies Slow Out of the Gate
Several new soybean technologies may be visible in the market in 2019. LLGT27 is a new 3-way herbicide-tolerant soybean technology. This technology is approved for US planting and some seed supply will be available in 2019. Due to the pending seed quality issues with Midwest-grown seed, this technology is limping out of the starting gate in its 2019 debut. Also, on the launch pad and awaiting China import approval is Enlist E3 soybeans. There is no change in the status of this technology and it’s looking less likely that this will get a green light in time for 2019 planting.

Two Choices now for Root Knot Nematode!
We are excited about the latest addition to our lineup which provides a very high level of protection for Root Knot nematode. 4419NRXS will be a great addition to our current market leader 4417NRXS. We have an excellent supply of 4417’s, but 4419’s will be limited in their first year of introduction.

Liberty Link
We have added several LL lines to our line-up and as demand continues to grow for this technology. Many growers are turning to LL varieties to help combat resistant weeds. Our current line-up includes 3825NL, 4338NL, 4718NL, and 4746NL.

Our current prepay is 8% and good through Jan 15, 2019. We also have 0% financing through JDF.
See your local dealer for details.

Thanks for your support and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Billy Simmons, General Manager
Tidewater Seed, LLC
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