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Our company is growing, and it's bringing you expanded choice, local focus, and unmatched expertise.


We are a locally owned, independent seed company providing corn and soybean genetics exclusively to the Delmarva and Mid-Atlantic regions. Founded in 2013, Tidewater Seed is bringing the market the very best genetics, traits, and technology from the world's top-rated labs and production companies.

Our team of seasoned veterans understand that farmers want broad choices in genetics and technology to achieve the best results for their acreage. We give local farmers access to elite genetics from across the industry. This enables you to design and implement a highly individualized growing plan tailored to your own soil and growing conditions. We maintain rigorous local testing programs to ensure we offer the best possible products for your business. 

We are so passionate about American farming. It's the foundation of our country's can-do attitude, work ethic, and entrepreneurial spirit. Our farmers are also a critical part of our national security because they ensure we have a home-grown food supply. What farmers do for our country is important, so we have a tremendous responsibility to provide the very best products and service we possibly can. 

- Pat Bilbrough, CEO


Axis Seed Company logo

AXIS Seed is an independent and rapidly growing national brand that offers a broad portfolio of the industry's top-performing genetics and traits. The AXIS Seed management company is filled with industry veterans who understand the advantages that come with freedom of choice in seed decisions.

Virginia Seed Company logo

Virginia Seed Company is a cover crop and forage seed company located in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. They provide a wide variety of seed to meet many kinds of farm operations.


Maryland - Upper Eastern Shore

Headshot - Steve Freeman

Steve Freeman

410-739-7797  |  Email

Headshot - Patrick Freeman

Patrick Freeman

410-708-9670  |  Email

Headshot - Brodie Usilton

Brodie Usilton 

410-708-9507 |  Email

Maryland & Delaware - Middle Eastern Shore

Scout Drone Applicators logo

Scout Applicators provides drone-based agriculture spraying and seeding services in the Mid-Atlantic region. They focus on precision and efficiency, sustainability, local expertise, and a customer-centric approach.

Maryland - Lower Eastern Shore

Headshot - Mike Rew

Mike Rew 

443-235-7376  |  Email

Headshot - Andy Blank

Andy Blank 

443-439-9365  |  Email


Headshot - Tyler Franklin

Tyler Franklin 

804-445-4333  |  Email

Headshot - Garland Comer

Garland Comer 

434-579-2659  |  Email

Eastern North Carolina

Headshot - Greg Hughes

Greg Hughes 

252-209-7420  |  Email

Headshot - Laura Winslow Pendleton

Lauren Winslow Pendleton

252-331-3282  |  Email

Easton, MD Headquarters


Headshot - Patrick Bilbrough

Patrick Bilbrough 

CEO |  Email

Headshot Lanette Power-Waters

Lanette Power-Waters 

Office Manager  |  Email

Headshot - Alison Warren

Alison Warren 

Logistics Specialist |  Email

Headshot - Paula Harris

Paula Harris 

Inventory Specialis  |  Email

Headshot - Linda Holloway

Linda Holloway

Sales Specialist |  Email

Nicole Bilbrough

CFO  |  Email

Headshot - Brent Johnson

Brent Johnson 

410-924-8784  |  Email

Headshot - Nick Baynard

Nick Baynard 

410-253-3754  |  Email

Meristem Logo

Meristem's mission is to drive farm business success by providing high-quality crop inputs in the most efficient way possible, helping farmers make more from every acre and gain faster access to new technologies.


Lottsburg, VA

Mike Bryant  | 804-456-6522 Email

Bruington, VA

Adam Taylor  |  804-339-3643


Warsaw, VA

Hunter Sanders 804-456-8001



Meadowview, VA

Zach Rector | 276-619-1734


Callands, VA

Logan Mills  |  434-441-3571


Capon Bridge, VA

Jason Swain  |  304-676-9535


Getsco, Middlesex

Gentry Minshew | 919-920-2410


Getsco, Swann Quarter

Chris Williams  |  434-441-3571


Carolina Eastern, Sales Manager

Randall Morris  |  843-687-9231


Carolina Eastern, Hobbsvile, NC

Will Hudgins | 252-287-9629


Carolina Eastern, Weeksville, NC

Chris Banks  |  252-679-5635


Talbot Ag,  David Shaw  

Email    | 410-253-7300


VA Seed

Tim Woodward | 703-785-0920


Wakefield Farm Service 

Brandon Seward  |  757-758-4560


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