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Employee Spotlight!

Tyler Franklin


Having grown up on a multigenerational farm in Tappahannock, Virginia, I fully understand the passion for farming.  However, I was built for the seed industry.  From shoveling seed in the grain bin, to loading seed into the planter I was hands on at an early age.  In 2002 I started studying Genetics at Virginia Tech and while I was there, I worked part time with the corn research programs and soybean breeder.  After graduating college, I took a job at the Virginia Foundation Seed farm where we increased seed stock on new varieties.  5 years later, after my grandfather retired, the family farm called my name where we produced corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, as well as seed wheat and seed soybeans.  In 2015, the opportunity to sell Axis corn and soybean seed was presented to me which launched my career with Tidewater Seed.  I have come full circle in the seed industry as I have crawled in it, shoveled it, loaded it, studied it, produced it, planted it, and sold it.  All these experiences have led me to a very fulfilling career with Tidewater Seed LLC where I currently lead the research and development program.  The most valuable lesson I have learned is that family and faith must come first to find true fulfilment.  My wife and two children are my most precious gifts who support me through all my endeavors. 

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