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Employee Spotlight!

Steve Freeman


Steve is a salesman from our Sudlersville location, which is located on his family’s farm. He has resided there with his family for almost 30 years. Steve has 2 children, Patrick and Kylie. Steve has been an ag salesman since 1993 and owned a seed business for almost 25 years before settling in with Tidewater Seed. His son Patrick and son-in-law Brodie also work with Steve at the Sudlersville location. In 2012 and 2013 Steve was awarded the Dealer of the Year Award from Monsanto for being the largest independent dealer in the country. Steve’s wife Melissa ran the office operations for their business as well as raising Patrick and Kylie while Steve was on the road selling seed. Steve attended Quenn Anne’s County High School and Frostburg University prior to his agriculture career.

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